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    Choosing the company – website developer.

    Nowadays, in the sphere of website design there is a plenty of offers. Hundreds of companies and private designers offer to create a good website for reasonable prices. Besides, the prices can vary from several tens GBP per month (website for rent) to several thousand GBP, for websites of about the same volume. In such situation even for a person who is more or less familiar with IT - at least on the advanced user level - it is quite difficult to make the correct decision about where to bespeak a website for the company. And if the person is not an expert in the field – the mission is almost impossible.

    Consequences of a wrong choice of the website developer may be the following:

    • exaggerated cost;
    • lack of property right for the website;
    • lack of property right for the domain name;
    • impossibility to make changes independently;
    • binding to a single developer only - to the one that has designed the website;
    • binding to a certain hosting;
    • necessity to make serious changes or completely re-design the website when performing a promotion campaign;
    • latent errors that may be not detectible by a common user but are of great importance for search engines;
    • wrong depiction in different browsers;
    • no efficiency (low payback) – a quite often and implicit problem;
    • and other after-effects that do not necessarily always arise but in the case cause a great deal of trouble to the website owner.

    There are, certainly, website design and promotion companies in the market that have serious approach and can provide reliable cooperation so that the client will not face the above-mentioned problems. But, unfortunately, they are not numerous. Nowadays, to be competitive and to keep reasonable prices, a website design company is forced to neglect many website design requirements purposely to save time and money. With private developers the situation is even worse, since:

    • experience shows that a person can be really good at either selling design services or at designing itself. If a private developer is good at selling – there most likely will be problems with the design quality (spending considerably much time for dialogue with the clients can be mentioned as a reason);
    • it is less probable that all the design standards will be observed, there is no quality control system, all is on the developer’s head only;
    • the majority of true professionals already works in the companies, instead of submitting ads for nonrepeat orders.

    Why do you need a website?

    Unfortunately, today it is often enough when a client either does not understand clearly why a website is needed or thinks of it as an expanded business card.

    Our position in this question is the following: for a company the website is a business tool. And the website design should be approached just according to this position. Just like any other business tool, a website has to make profit. Besides, the company’s activity field is of no importance. Experience shows that a well-designed and well-promoted website can increase the company’s profit several times.

    According to the www.statistics.gov.uk statistics, in 2009, the number of the Internet users who go online at least once in the last 3 months has reached 37,4 million, which is 70% of the inhabitants. At the same time, according to the statistics of the http://www.alexa.com/topsites/countries/GB website, the most visited website is the Google search engine website. It means that mostly people go online to find some information. You can be sure that among those 70 % there is a considerable group of consumers that searches for the goods or services which are offered by your company. Accordingly, if at least 1% of these visitors are taken to your company’s website and given correct information on the offered goods or services – many of them will probably become clients and increase your profit several times.

    Why us?

    Certainly, it is not a secret that every line written on the given website is a kind of advertising for the services of our website design and promotion company, therefore, principal causes for choosing our company as the partner are simply listed below.

    1. Experience

    The experts working in our company have massive experience in designing and promoting websites on various platforms and for various purposes. Corporate websites, B2B, B2C solutions, informational and entertaining portals, dating services, social networks and other solutions.

    2. Quality

    We have serious approach to the quality of the projects, irrespective of the volume. Any product developed in our company is carefully tested before launch.

    3. Technologies

    The IT sphere is one of the most dynamic. Our experts keep their fingers on the pulse constantly and are always abreast of the latest achievements, standards, innovations and tendencies both in website design sphere and in working with search engines.

    4. Usability

    We pay great attention to usability of our websites. The more comfortable a user feels on the website, the better impression he gets about your company and that faster he may become your client.

    5. Search Engines Optimization

    All the websites we develop are designed considering the fact that the websites will be promoted in search engines. Even if you do not plan any promotion campaign right away – anyway, you get a website technically optimized for further successful promotion. It doesn’t influence the price. Search engines love our websites.

    6. Full range of services

    We offer full range of services: consulting, marketing research of the network situation in your sphere of activity, website design, SEO, promotion in social networks, advertising, complex support, modification, hosting services. All in one.

    7. Price

    The prices for our services will pleasantly surprise you. You will get a product of really high quality for a competitive price.

    To receive more detailed information on the services and the prices just get a free quote here, the offer will be attractive indeed.