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    The Next Web Design works out web design for sites of various complexity levels for different purposes:

    • small business website – a website that is not large in terms of volume providing brief general information about the company;
    • corporate website – a website of considerable volume giving full information on all fields of the company activity with various additional functions, the price-lists, full catalogues of the services or goods etc.;
    • ecommerce website - a resource rendering any services online to the clients of the company, providing operative interaction between the client and the seller (provider). Various Internet shops, dating services, prices comparison services etc. can represent special cases of the ecommerce website;
    • promotional website – a website developed specially for a certain campaign or promoting a brand, can provide users with possibility to enter the number of a lottery ticket or other coupons, to register for a prize etc.;
    • informational portal – a website with the purpose to attract a defined targed audience by publishing live information, news etc. In this case, it is possible to deliver audio and video information, events photo and video reports and so on;
    • social networks, communities – websites connecting a large number of people by certain criteria (profession, hobbies, place of study etc.). These websites are designed highly interactive, allowing the network participants to communicate, to establish structural relations, etc.

    Irrespective of the website kind, it must fairly perform its basic function – making direct or indirect profit for the owner.

    In case of a company website – it must provide the information about the company and the services in a user-friendly way and make visitors become new clients of the company with maximum efficiency.

    In case of a business website – it must sell the services successfully.

    If it is an information portal or a social network – the profit must be formed by means of advertising, various online services with convenient payment methods, etc.

    To get a profitable website, you have to understand that website design is a process with complex approach needed. Usually website design includes the following stages:

    • definition of the website audience, the structure and the look will depend on that;
    • creating the website structure and design, depending on the website’s tasks and target audience;
    • the website CMS designing so that the owner can manage the information himself, having no technical skills;
    • website testing for usability and compliance with the W3C website design standards, testing in various browsers (Internet Explorer, Mozilla FireFox, Opera, Safari, Google Chome, etc.);
    • putting the website into operation;
    • website promotion in search engines in order to attract the maximum number of the target visitors.

    The points which should be understood clearly by a website owner:

    • a website is designed to attract the maximum number of the visitors interested in the information;
    • the design of a website is not for the owner but for the visitors;
    • the design of a website should not distract attention from the content - it should emphasize it;
    • website promotion – attraction of visitors – is a process of no less importance than the website design;
    • if a website is not advertised, not promoted – the number of visitors will eventually equal zero.

    And, finally, the most important:

    • the Internet users make more than 76 % from the UK inhabitants, basically, they are economically active;
    • the website advertising and promotion prices on the Internet are many times lower than in press, on TV and radio;
    • competently designed and advertised website is capable to increase considerably the company’s profit at the minimum investments.

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