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    Contextual advertising
    Contextual advertising is attracting visitors to a website by placing advertisements in search engines and on websites of similar subject. The advertisement is only displayed to the visitor if he has entered the search query mentioned in the advertising campaign, or if the advertised website content corresponds to the content of the visited website. The payment is due if the user switches to the website (clicks the advertisement).

    The advantages of contextual advertising:
    • you only pay for the acquired visitors;
    • if the campaign is carried out correctly - all the visitors are ‘target visitors’;
    • possibility to specify the maximum budget for days or for a month;
    • start the campaign right after advance payment;
    • possibility to set the campaign according to certain geographical regions, for a certain time;
    • the detailed statistics on the money spent and the visitors attracted.
    By ordering a contextual advertising campaign in our company you will get the following benefits:
    • coverage of all major advertising platforms (Google Adwords etc);
    • advertisements are created by professional marketing experts;
    • correct keywords selection considering your website content;
    • the campaign analysis and monitoring, constant modification for efficiency increase;
    • the detailed summary statistics.
    The advertising campaign cost depends on the competition level in the niche. The bigger the number of websites advertising a specified theme is, the more ‘commercial’ the keywords are, consequently, the higher the price per one click can be.