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    Answers and questions / FAQ
    What is a search engine?

    A search engine is a website providing opportunity to search any information in the Internet. Google, Yahoo, BING can be mentioned as examples.

    What is a search engine result pages?

    A search engine result pages is a list of results you see on the screen after you have entered your query. The higher a website is in the output, the more visitors it gets.

    What is the purpose of SEO?

    SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is necessary for the search engine to put your website on top positions in the result pages, and, as a consequence, your site is found by the interested people. The better a website is optimized and promoted – the more target visitors it will have. SEO, website promotion allows visitors to find your website and to prefer it to other websites.

    What is s ‘target visitor’?

    A ‘target visitor’ is a user who has visited your website following the search engine output, having entered an inquiry concerning your website subject.

    Why is SEO more beneficial than regular advertising?

    SEO is much cheaper than traditional advertising (TV, radio, press, banners), has permanent growing effect in attracting target visitors.

    How much does SEO cost?

    The cost of SEO depends on your company’s business sphere and on the number and authority of the competitor’s websites that are in the first places in search engines result pages by the inquiries of interest for you.
    Also, the SEO cost depends on the quantity of keywords the website is to be optimized for.
    On the one hand, SEO costs just as much as you are ready to pay for it. On the other hand, the more money you have for that – the greater the number of the keywords your website can be optimized for, thus reaching larger audience.
    Experience shows that more visitors will cause more calls and requests received via the website, and the income received due to new clients will exceed the SEO expenses several times.

    Is it possible to optimize my existing website or is it necessary to design a new one?

    If your website has been developed considering the requirements of SEO, if it is not in the search engines black lists then it is quite possible that certain changes in the structure and the content will be enough to promote the existing site.
    To get the answer to this question, please, send us the address of your website; our experts will estimate the possibility to perform SEO free of charge.

    How and when will I see the SEO results?

    In case of a corporate website, the SEO final result is the increasing number of calls and requests that you get following the indicated contact details, and consequently – increase in sales.
    For a website created to increase the recognition level – growing activity of users, their participation in specials, contests, etc. can be the result.
    The first SEO results can be expected in 1-2 months after the beginning of the campaign, on average. A notable result – approximately in 6 months. It is impossible to state the exact term, it depends on many factors – competition in the business sphere, search engines algorithm changes, lifetime of the website promoted and many other things.