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    Promotion in social networks
    Social networks - thematic communities connecting people by certain criteria and allowing them to communicate, i.e. having high interactivity level.

    As examples of social networks the following websites can be mentioned: facebook.com, hi5. – basically for communication, digg.com, propeller.com – for news discussion; also, there are bookmarking services.

    Because of constant growing of social networks popularity, website promotion in social networks can bring considerable effect.

    Promotion in social networks may include the following actions:
    • forming thematic groups interested in the promoted product or service directly or indirectly;
    • creating and promoting fictive characters that will be associated with the item (product);
    • carrying out various thematic contests in cooperation with social networks;
    • advertising on the social networks internal platforms;
    • many other actions.

    An important factor is that the majority of social networks participants are users with high level of computer literacy that spend considerably much time in the net. The given audience is ready to receive new ideas, to visit new websites, to shop online, i.e. the people potentially are consumers of a wide spectrum of various goods and services.