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    Viral marketing
    Viral marketing is quite new technology for visitors’ attraction, which, however, is used actively already. The essence of viral marketing is as follows. A news item or an article containing unusual, non-standard, acute or provocative information is formed. Then it is published on the website and in various social services where the discussion is organized. If the information causes a boom, owners of other websites start referring to it, regardless of their attitude. Accordingly, the promoted website starts to gain more and more popularity.

    The greatest difficulty arises in guessing what information will cause explosion of interest and emotions. If you manage to hit the spot the quantity of references to the website and discussions in the net will grow as avalanche.

    The given technique influences a website promotion in search engines very well since it is natural.

    Our experts will perform thorough analysis of your company’s field of activity and will professionally organize a campaign of viral marketing.